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Just a little note.

I've decided there isn't enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do. So I'm scrubbing out the ones that don't mean anything.

World of Warcraft? I'd love to heal raids, but I don't have time. It'll be a "weekends only with the Ninjabunny" until further notice. I just can't see spending so much time to catch up to my guild... and then trying to keep relevant. I might be the best healer they have (self proclaimed, obviously), but I just can't do it anymore.

Roleplaying? While roleplaying is one of the few things I truly let myself geek out about, I won't be holding on to this one as fiercely. No, I'm not quitting TPRS. But I need to stick with my original idea and focus on/play with one character... even if I'm allowed seven. I might have to step down from Art Staff. MIGHT. We'll see how things go.

Writing? I've already mostly cut this out, but I keep getting fun ideas for stories. I vow to keep this off the menu. I'm done with that life. I'll still continue to edit Romance of the Errant (btw, you guys should TOTALLY read this serial [linkage: romanceoftheerrant.wordpress.c…) but I just won't focus of honing my own skills.

Anime drawing? I love anime. I really do. And the anime style has defined me for so many years. But I'm done with it. Scrub a dub dub, as a previous journal had once said. I've spent the past few weeks sketching and erasing and RAGING over the talent I've lost since I left DA years ago. Do I regret it? Yes. I used to love anime drawing. But now it makes me want to stab things. So I need to hang my pride on a pretty nose of silvered shame and move on.

Digital painting? This. This is my focus for now. I want to define myself as an artist in a way that isn't anime or figure painting. Or landscapes. Or any number of other niches. I want to come up with my own. So I'm going to do that. Over the next year. Yes, this means I'm moving back towards my 365 project, which I woefully abandoned when I stopped getting responses from stock artists. But I'm going back. And I'm abandoning the original ideas I had. I don't *need* to learn to paint skin, or hair, or anything else. This is all about learning to do to Painter what I do to a canvas. So fugg it. (Oh: and this will be a "new" 365 project. I'll start over from the date of my first deviation... so yes, this will be a DA exclusive.)


First things first, I need to cull the near-empty gallery again. I need a clean slate. Second I'll be updating my avatar and my Deviant ID. Third, a journal skin (because woot for BOGO on premium memberships!). Fourth, daily work of any kind. I just want to play with Painter brushes and learn to enjoy my tablet again.


So, my devious little followers, have any of you evaluated your life in this way and cleaned out the cobwebs? Do you hold fast to any particular art style or creative hobby even if you really don't want to do it anymore? Why don't you join me in purging the unholy?


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